Fraud Prevention & Detection

Markovitz Dugan & Associates uses accounting and auditing skills to provide an analysis of financial records in conjunction with fraud and theft investigation. Our damage measurement methods can determine the extent of financial loss and illegal accounting practices.

Management Advisory Services

The MD&A team can help your organization develop long-term objectives and specific strategies to facilitate growth and success.

Pension & Profit Sharing Plans

Qualified retirement plans can provide significant tax advantages for closely-held businesses and self-employed individuals. MD&A can assist you in evaluating the type of pension plan that will best serve the retirement needs of your company.


Filing for bankruptcy is an involved process with many legal and tax issues. MD&A is familiar with the complexities of the bankruptcy filing system and can competently guide you through the process.

Employee Benefit Plans

Accounting and tax issues involved with employer-provided benefit plans can be overwhelming. MD&A can assist with the development, implementation and administration of your employee benefit plan.

Litigation Support

This involves the quantification of economic damages pursuant to existing or pending litigation using accounting and auditing techniques. MD&A can compile information to assist in the calculation and documentation of any potential economic loss or damages.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Finding the right business partner for your company can be challenging. MD&A can assist you in the process by assessing such critical elements as tax considerations, product/service compatibility, competitive tactics and position, financial impact, and cash flow considerations.

Cost Segregation Studies

Cost segregation study is an analysis of property assets for purposes of allocating between real property and tangible personal property to accelerate depreciation deductions and improve cash flow. Any for-profit company that has purchased, constructed or made substantial leasehold improvements to a commercial building after 1986 may benefit from a cost segregation study.

Accounting Software Selection & Implementation

As accounting professionals, MD&A consultants are experienced with most accounting software programs through trade journals and actual use. Our experienced staff can help you choose and implement the system that best fits your needs.